Pressing on elephants, Prime Minister Modi campaigned for a lockdown in the streets of Bihar!


BanglaHunt Desk: From the very beginning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been seen taking tough steps to stop Corona in India. And this time Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Bihar on the back of an elephant to avoid corona virus infection, to appeal to people to follow lockdown and social distance.

But the fact that he was riding on the back of an elephant surprised everyone because they did not think it would happen. On this day he came to Samatipur district of Bihar on the back of an elephant. But there was another surprise.

Bhupendra Yadav, a professor at Karpuri College in Samastipur, Bihar, came to visit the area wearing Narendra Modi's clothes, riding on an elephant's back, to make people aware of the coronavirus. He talked about using masks and sanitizers. He also spoke of adhering to social distance and lock-down. On this day, he made people aware of Narendra Modiji's tune through his speech. Moreover, a chair was arranged on the back of the elephant and a parasol was placed on it.

And that was very nicely arranged. The map of India was painted on the forehead of an elephant. On the back was written “Stay safe from coronavirus”. The lockdown has been extended again thinking of the people of the country. And after seeing this issue, Modi's supporters are accepting the matter spontaneously. And already this surprising thing has caught everyone's attention, the people of Samastipur as well as everyone is interested.