Prices of lotus oil, petrol lotus 15 rupees per liter and diesel 26 rupees per liter

Bengali Hunt Desk: Pakistan has made a surprising decision. The Pakistani government has announced a big discount on the price of petroleum products. To provide relief to the people of the country, the government has reduced the price of Petroleum Diesel Price from 15 to 36 percent. The new rates have come into effect from May 1.

The government of Pakistan has taken this decision to pass on the benefits of the massive reduction in crude oil prices to the people. According to Pakistani media Dawn, the price of petrol in Pakistan has been reduced by Tk 15 and diesel by Tk 28.

The Pakistani government is now selling petrol at Rs 61.58 per liter. At the same time, the government has increased the tax on petrol by Tk 5.8. Speaking of diesel, the government has fixed the ex-depot price of Speed ​​Diesel at Rs 80.10 per liter.

The Pak government has fixed a new price of Tk 28.14 for diesel. At the same time, the tax has been increased by Tk 7.69. The price of Kerosene X Depot has been fixed at Tk 47.44 by the Pak government. The government has reduced the price of kerosene by Tk 30.01. The Pakistani government has imposed a total tax of Tk 14.08 on kerosene.

Texas Intermediate (WTI) has cut crude oil and Brent crude oil prices. WTI oil is at. 19.51 a barrel. Brent oil is trading at ৬ 26.60 a barrel.