Prime Minister Modi asked for only 5 minutes to everyone on Sunday 7th April! Made an application


Bangla Hunt Desk: In a Corona crisis spread across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech to the nation today. He said in his speech that today is the ninth day of lockdown nationwide because of Corona. He said that the way you introduce discipline and service spirit in these days is unprecedented. The way you thank all the people who fought against Corona on Sunday, March 22, has become an example to all people. We see that many countries are doing this today.

He said that in our country, people are considered as God. And because of this, when the country is fighting such a great war, it must be repeatedly interviewed by the populist superpower. He said that next Sunday, April 5, at nine o'clock in the night, I want all of you nine minutes. You light a candle, flashlight, lamp or flashlight on a balcony or door in front of your room. On that day, turn off all the lights in the house for just 5 minutes.

He said that the social line should never be violated. Social distance cannot be broken under any circumstances. At nine o'clock at night, lit a candle, a torch, a lamp that you are not alone in this war. None of us are alone. One million Indians are committed to the resolution. He said, “I am appealing to you not to join the event in any way.” Don't go by road, lane or mahalla. Do this from the door and balcony of your own room.

On Sunday, April 5, at 5 pm, I just want you all to have 5 minutes. Stand on the balcony of a room, light a candle, torch, lamp or flashlight on a mobile phone. Turn off all the daylight on that day. He made it clear in his petition that no one should be assembled on that day. Do this from your own home.

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