Prime Minister Modi can visit Bangladesh on March 26, Sheikh Hasina invited

Banglahant Desk: March 26, 2021 will be the 50th Independence Day of the neighboring country Bangladesh. On that day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh. On the occasion of the 50th Independence Day of the friendly country, Prime Minister Modi may visit Bangladesh on March 26.

Recently, Prime Minister Modi could not go to Bangladesh to attend the birth centenary celebrations of Bangabandhu due to the Corona weather. However, this time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina invited Prime Minister Modi to attend the Bangladesh Independence Day celebrations.

Bangladesh Independence Day

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested by the Pakistani army at midnight on March 25, 1971 as a participant in the country's independence movement. However, in the early hours of March 26, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman signed the Declaration of Independence of Bangladesh. Since then, that day has been celebrated as Independence Day by the people of Bangladesh.

The meeting is between high-ranking officials of the two countries

Foreign Minister of Bangladesh with Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Vikram Doraiswami. AK Abdul Momen had a meeting on Sunday. After the meeting, Abdul Momen said, “Our victory means victory in India as well. So we want the two countries to come together and celebrate the Independence Day of Bangladesh. At the meeting, we also discussed all the projects between the two countries that have not been implemented yet. Besides, border tensions have also been discussed.

Modi-Hasina meeting

A virtual meeting between the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina on December 16 or 17 has also been discussed. However, it is also known that this discussion can be a courtesy discussion.