Prime Minister Modi will sit in a meeting with the chief ministers on the 28th, after which a decision will be taken about the lockdown


Bangla Hunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet with the Chief Ministers of all the states for the third time on the outbreak of the Corona virus and the lockdown situation. The meeting will be held on the morning of April 26 through video conferencing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take feedback from the Chief Ministers of all the states in this meeting.

The central government will formulate the next strategy based on the feedback received from the states. After the important meeting on April 8, the central government extended the lockdown deadline across the country until May 3. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the state on April 7 through video conferencing. At that meeting, most of the state chief ministers had suggested increasing the lockdown.

The first meeting with the Chief Ministers of the state was on April 2nd. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of all the states via video conference. At that time there was talk of corona virus crisis, lockdown and current situation. For the third time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will talk to the state chief ministers about the corona virus and lockdown.

Let me tell you, cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly in India. So far, a total of 20,471 corona patients have been found in the country. And 3 people died. In the last 24 hours, 50 people have died. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in action. He talks to his ministers and the chief ministers of the state through video conference and knows all the details.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a big decision regarding the attack on health workers. An ordinance was passed at a meeting of the Central Committee chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. From now on, strict action will be taken against the people who attacked the health workers. The ordinance carries a sentence of three months to seven years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that there would be no compromise with the protection of health workers. The epidemic law has been changed. The new law will ensure the safety of health workers.

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