Prime Minister Modi's big announcement! The lockdown was extended until May 5th


Bangla Hunt Desk: Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (narendra modi) has started addressing the nation from 9am. Today is the last day of a lockdown issued in the country, keeping in mind the growing infection of the Corona virus. And today he can make a big announcement about the lockdown hike in the last days. Let me tell you, so far 5,900 people in India have been infected with this deadly virus.

Of the total number of people affected, 3 in 4 have already recovered and returned home. There were also reports that four people died. Maharashtra is the worst affected by the virus in the whole country. So far, a total of 2,360 people have been infected with the virus in Maharashtra. Of those, 222 were healed and five died.

Then in second place is Delhi. There were 3 people infected with the virus, 3 of them were healed. Another 20 people died. And third place is Tamil Nadu. There were 4 people infected with the virus. Of the total victims, 5 died. And 4 are recovering. Then there are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.

At the commencement of the speech, he greeted the entire countrymen on the birth anniversary of father Saheb Ambedkar and Paula Baishakh. “We issued a lockdown in the country when the number of victims was only five,” he said, referring to the lockdown. He said this time should not be compared to other countries. So the situation in India is a little better than that of the progressive countries of the world.

He said, how to reduce the loss in our country? In this regard, we consult with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country. According to their advice and the people of the country also want lockdown will increase in the country. He announced that lockdown would be issued in India till May 3rd. In this lockdown, all discipline must be kept in the same manner as we have obeyed.

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