Prime Minister Modi's new Boeing-777 will hit Trump's plane, know the specialty of this plane


BanglaHunt Desk: Two Boeing-7 aircraft (Boeing 777) are about to be added to the list to protect Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Two aircraft capable of avoiding missile strikes will now be on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's list of Air India aircraft. These planes are coming to India by September The first Boeing-7 aircraft is coming from America at the end of August Sources said that another aircraft will arrive next month

The specialty of the aircraft is that they have Self Protection Suites (SPS) There are aircraft infrared countermeasures, state-of-the-art defensive electronic warfare suits and countermeasures dispensing systems. Which will protect these aircraft from any missile attack Many of these special Boeing-7 aircraft for Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been modeled on the Air Force One for the US President.

, Both Air India Boeing 777-300ER aircraft were sent to a Boeing plant in Dallas, USA to re-manufacture them for VVIPs. Both aircraft are less than 3 years old And they are rarely used Earlier, Air India's Boeing-747 aircraft were used for VVIPs. They are two centuries old So this time two Air India Boeing-8s, redesigned in the style of the US President, are coming for the Prime Minister to remove them.

The Prime Minister of India has been traveling on an Air India flight for the last 26 years. The Boeing-8 aircraft was delivered to India, but due to low security measures, both aircraft were sent back to the United States to provide state-of-the-art protection cover. Preparations are now underway to hand over the aircraft to India in August and September.