Prime Minister Modi’s phone call to President Joe Biden for the first time, find out what is going on between the two leaders

BanglaHunt Desk: President Joe Biden is sitting in the US masnad. This time Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke directly with him. Even after winning the election, Biden had to gain some momentum to take charge of the US masons. Former President Donald Trump was reluctant to give up his rights.

Trump supporters joined the protest in the capital, Washington DC. The whole world was shocked to see the scene of that tension in the capital. US President Joe Biden finally took over the White House after Trump’s defeat.

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After winning the election, Biden was greeted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also congratulated the Vice President of the United States and Kamala Harris of Indian descent. However, this time Prime Minister Modi spoke directly with Biden.

After talking to President Biden, Prime Minister Modi tweeted himself. Modi ji said, ‘I have congratulated Biden for his victory. The two of us talked about regional issues and our shared dominance. We have also promised to help each other on climate change.

“I and Biden are committed to strengthening the rule of law,” she said. Discussions were also held on strengthening relations between the two countries to maintain peace and security in the Indian Ocean region.