Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted Dhoni with a two-page emotional letter, what is in that letter?


Bangla Hunt Desk: In international cricket, Dhoni has not only batted well and kept good wickets. At the same time, he has won the hearts of millions of fans with his great finishing style. And that's why Dhoni's fans used to call him a finisher. Dhoni was the best finisher in the world, and he also finished his career in that style.

World Cup-winning India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni abruptly retired from international cricket on the eve of Independence Day. He did not let anyone know about Dhoni's retirement beforehand. Suddenly he said goodbye to international cricket. Silently, Dhoni picked up his pair of bats and pads. The former India captain ended his career in his own way, not at a press conference or a big event.

Five days after the retirement of World Cup-winning India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote an emotional two-page letter to Dhoni. A part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's two-page letter to Dhoni said, “Successful careers and match-winning numbers are not judged by numbers alone, nor by a mere sports personality. It is right to see your contribution as a special phenomenon. ”
Mahendra Singh Dhoni also tweeted thanking Modiji.