Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for five pillars to make India self-reliant


Bengali Hunt Desk: Corona infection in the country has increased to more than 60,000 on Tuesday. The number of corona in the whole of India has increased to 60,758. So far 2,293 people have died in India. Lockdown continues in Gaya till May 18 to prevent coronavirus infection. And today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi again addressed the nation in the midst of this lockdown. In today's speech, he stressed on making India self-reliant in the midst of the corona virus epidemic. In today's speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a financial package of Rs 20 lakh crore for the entire country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Five pillars need to be erected to make India self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars. Prime Minister Modi said, “The first pillar-economy, the second pillar infrastructure, the third pillar e-system, which will not be based on the principles of the last century, will be based on the technology of the 21st century.”

Prime Minister Modi said demography would be the fourth pillar to make India self-reliant. Our huge population is our strength. The fifth pillar is required. Demand-supply has the power in our economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Self-reliance will bring us happiness and peace, as well as strengthen it. Our responsibility to make the 21st century the century of India will be fulfilled in India's promise of self-reliance. This responsibility will come from the life force of 1.3 billion people of India.