Prime Minister Narendra Modi wishes New Year to all Bengalis by writing in Bengal


Banglahunt Desk: Today is Nababarsha. Every year the Bengalis celebrate this day as a festival. Worship, eating, drinking, ceremonies, going home etc. It is best to go to the shop and make a sweet face. But this year, like every year, this day will end with a lot of humiliation, not just in celebration. The cause of the coronary virus (COVID-19). The corona virus, which originated in China, is now spreading all over the world. The world is now terrorized by the Corona virus.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) sent a New Year greeting message to the people of the world even in the horror of Corona. He tweeted, “Happy New Year! Receive the greetings of Paila Baisakh. May the New Year bring a message of happiness, prosperity to all of you. All be well, be well. ” Apamr people are happy to receive this greeting message.

The Prime Minister issued a lockdown to protect citizens from the outbreak of the Corona virus. Today is the last day of that lockdown, April 5th. But before the lockdown expires, several state chief ministers have asked the central government to extend the lockdown. Lockdown is the only way by which this epidemic can be prevented.

After sending a greeting message to the citizens on New Year's Eve, the Prime Minister will address the Nation's initiative at 8am this morning, April 7th. Now the whole Indian is looking at his speech. Citizens are waiting to hear what message the Prime Minister of the country will have for the countrymen.

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