Priyanka Gandhi writes to Yogi, 'I am overwhelmed by Gomata's last picture'


Banglahant Desk: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi wrote a letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath regarding Gomata's death. A cowherd from Sajna in Lalitpur sent a letter to Yogi Adityanath asking for the cause of death of the cow.

In the letter, Priyanka Gandhi wrote, “I am overwhelmed by the picture of Gomata's death. The cause of death of the cow is not yet known. However, looking at the picture, it seems that the cow has died due to lack of water due to hunger and thirst for many days. This is a very painful event. However, this is not the first time this has happened. This type of image has been seen many times before. Whenever news of the death of these helpless creatures came out from any part of the state, it all came to a halt after interim discussions. No action was taken. Now the question is who is responsible for all this? '

Priyanka Gandhi added, ‘Before you came to power, you said a lot about the construction of cowsheds and cowsheds. But in reality it did not get any fulfillment. Although the cowshed has been built, the cows are not being taken care of there. There is no water, no food. He has no idea how many cows are dying. Officers and gaushal operators are involved in all these corruptions.

Priyanka Gandhi further wrote in the letter, ‘This cow is no ordinary animal, equal to the mother of billions of Indians. We have to help them as well as protect them. While there are many cowsheds, farmers guard their crops at night to protect them from stray animals.