Priyanka naughty on the beach with easy, mother-son sweet pictures filled the minds of netizens


BanglaHunt Desk: It has been a while since Priyanka Sarkar entered the world of Bengali film. He was very young when he entered. Then gradually the acting skills also increased with the experience. Now she is a well-rounded actress.

Priyanka is a well known face in Tollywood. He also chooses to take pictures. He has had to go through many ups and downs in his life. Divorced in marriage. Complaints have also been raised about his relationship with a dear friend. However, the actress did not pay attention to any of that.

Although she is separated from her husband Rahul, Priyanka has kept her son Sahaj with her. The actress is now busy with both her career and her career. It's been seven years recently. So Priyanka left for Puri with her son. From there, he has shared several pictures in a row.

Priyanka was seen playing a fun game with her son Sahaj on the beach in Puri. Sometimes the boy is seen jumping into the sea with his lap, sometimes he is seen running on the sand on the beach. Priyanka also shared some pictures of herself.

It is learned that Priyanka went to Puri with Sahaj on December 9. It is reported that he also took the cake from Kolkata. He has taken a break from his busy schedule to spend time with his son. Netizens are also fascinated by the sweet pictures of mother and son. One wrote that Sahaj had to look like Priyanka.

Earlier, Priyanka shared an old photo of her touring in Kerala. He posted several pictures together. He was seen in the photo wearing a light green t-shirt and jeans. He has captured different moods in the pictures. These pictures of Priyanka went viral on social media. Priyanka also often shared photos, selfies and videos of old photoshoots on lockdown. He did not lack for the entertainment of the fans.