“Problems with Islamic Prayer and Joy Shri Ram Slogan at Government Ceremonies?” BJP attacks Mamata Banerjee by sharing video

The slogan debate that started in Victoria is still not taking the name of stopping. On the one hand, grassroots leaders have accused it of being an insult to the state chief minister. On the other hand, the BJP's allegation that Mamata Banerjee's response to the Joy Shri Ram slogan is not correct.

A video has been tweeted on this issue by the BJP. The video shows Mamata Banerjee offering Islamic prayers. In the video, Mamata Banerjee asks Allah for blessings. Posting the video, it has been written on behalf of Banga BJP, if Mamata Banerjee can recite Islamic prayers at the official function in West Bengal, then why is there a problem with Joy Shri Ram?

By tweeting the video, the BJP has also accused the BJP of appeasing the issue. The BJP has alleged that Mamata Banerjee has tarnished the image of West Bengal and disrespected the event by her own conduct. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee were present on the occasion. When Mamata Banerjee was asked to speak, many started chanting Joy Shri Ram.

Mamata Banerjee became very angry at this. “Government ceremonies should have a dignity,” Banerjee said. It is not a political party event. I am grateful to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Culture for hosting the event in Kolkata. But it does not get the meeting that invites someone to insult him. I will not speak in protest of this incident. ”