Pronounce this powerful mantra, get the blessings of mother Kali

BanglaHunt Desk: ‘Ash Deep Om Kring Kallyai Namah.’ And ‘Ash Dhupah Om Kring Kallyai Namah.’ – Mantra of giving lamp and incense stick of Ma Kali. One of the most important Hindu deities is Maa Kali. Another name of this goddess is Shyama or Adyashakti.

Among the various forms of Ma Kali, the worship of the mother form of Kali is especially popular in Bengali Hindu society. According to the Puranas and Tantra literature, various forms of Maa Kali are described. Dakshinakali, Bhadrakali, Siddhakali, Guhyakali, Shmashankali, Mahakali, Rakshakali, Krishnakali etc. are different forms of mother Kali.

In order to suppress the evil, the mother took one form after another. Just as the Rudramurti of the mother is worshiped, so is the compassionate form of the Kali mother worshiped. Various forms of Kali Mother are worshiped under the names of “Brahmamayi”, “Bhavatarini”, “Anandamoyi”, “Karunamayi” etc.

Of all the forms of Mother Kali, her Dakshinakali idol is the most known and revered. In this form the mother is quadrilateral. The mother has a sword in her four hands, the demon's severed head, the groom and the abhayamudra And a necklace of Normund instead of jewelry. This form of mother is black. Loose hair on the head of a mad mother. And all in all, he is standing with his right foot in front of Mahadev Shiva's chest.

The devotee Bamakshyapa was the devotee of Kali mother. In his weak time his mother Tara was by his side giving him a lot of strength. From then on, they are the only hope in weak times. In danger, so they all took refuge in the mother. Mother Tara makes life beautiful and marvelous by the side of her fans in every moment of her life. So the glory of mother star in the world is infinite.