PSG's three star footballers, including Neymar, attacked Corona.


Bangla Hunt Desk: A few days ago, PSG did not win the trophy even though it reached the final of UEFA Champions League for the first time. They have to be runners-up. This club in Paris played a bigger push before it overcame that push. At the same time, three footballers of this French club have been attacked by Corona. Corona has been attacked by PSG stars Neymar, Di-Maria and Leandro Pardes.

The PSG footballers went on holiday for a few days after losing to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final. And after returning from there, the footballers were tested for corona. And that's where the results of the Corona test came in positive for Neymar, Di-Maria and Leandro Pardes.

French media reported that Neymar and Di Maria had been attacked by Corona, but PSG officials did not officially confirm the news. A statement from the PSG said three of their footballers had been hit by a corona. But the three footballers were not informed about this. A statement from PSG said the rest of the club would be tested soon.

Arrangements have already been made to keep Neymar, Di-Maria and Leandro Pardes in isolation. The rest of the PSG footballers have also been placed separately in certain places. It is believed that several other PSG footballers may be affected by Corona. Especially goalkeeper Kyler Navas.

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