Puja became the first woman to drive a bus in Kashmir, creating a new history


Many conservative families still think that women should not even ride a car, let alone a bicycle. However, many people have come out of this medieval idea Now women are seen driving cars and buses This scene can also be seen in the city of Kolkata. But this time a woman also drove a bus in comparatively conservative Kashmir.

Puja Devi, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, has made history. She is the first female bus driver in Kashmir. But his journey was not so easy. Today, her story sends a message to people that in no case are women left behind. He had a hobby of driving big cars since childhood. After many struggles, the mother of two daughters has finally made her dream come true.

The public was shocked when he took charge of steering a bus on the Kathua route on the morning of December 23. A few years ago he drove a taxi to learn to drive. He later drove a truck to Jammu. Now he is operating a bus driven by a local transporter. They are not very educated, they think this job is best for them.

It was not so easy to do so much. Neither her family nor her husband wanted her to drive the bus. However, he did not care about everything and went ahead to fulfill his dream. “I am just happy to be driving for the first time,” he said. I have already driven a taxi and truck. There was no expectation that anyone would show confidence but this dream also came true. No one dreamed, but fulfilled the dream of driving with open eyes. Now I want to teach other women driving. ‘