Pujo flowers from food! Free sanitizer with 500 taka purchase, with free home delivery


BanglaHunt Desk: Middle-class families who do not jump at the chance to look for offers may not be found even if they search all over the country. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Where everything from fresh vegetables to pujo flowers can be found at the doorstep of the house. Besides, free hand sanitizer for 500 rupees purchase.

Mango Bengalis have never seen such an offer before. However, not a multi-national company, this service is being started by the farmers of Panskura. The delivery has started at Kolaghat, Mecheda and Panshkura.

Business has been hit by lockdown. Fresh vegetables from the field were being wasted. That is why it is known as a fancy initiative. The farmers themselves are the entrepreneurs of this organization. Fresh vegetables brought from the field can reach your kitchen in one phone. Besides, ordinary people are naturally happy to get sanitizer by buying vegetables or daily necessities. Many are also giving orders in that greed.

It is learned that Janapanchek youths of the area are delivering goods from house to house. Social distance is being observed everywhere. There is no risk of corona infection in any way. Besides, they are adding pujo flowers to this home delivery from today. Today, this flower delivery is starting from Akshay III.

The nationwide lockdown has already entered its fifth week to prevent corona infections. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In this situation, just as this initiative of the farmers has benefited the middle class, it can be an inspiration to the country and the state in this lockdown situation. There are huge opportunities in this field in the coming days.