Pujo Special Kolkata-bound Eastern Express involved in major accident in Bihar

Bangla Hunt Desk: A major train accident took place in Bihar on Tuesday. Two compartments of Purvanchal Express derailed near Muzaffarpur. No casualties were reported in the incident. Railways (Indian Railways) has issued helpline numbers after the accident. At the same time, it has been informed that the rail traffic in that section will be reduced soon. Work is underway to line up the rooms.

On the other hand, two locomotives of the train derailed on the road near Puri yesterday. However, the train was completely empty. It is learned that the engine was carrying two damaged train bites. But this accident happened when the wheel suddenly moved away from the line. The incident took place around 8:30 pm on Monday. The incident took place between Chandanpur and Tulsichaura near Puri on the way to Puri station from Kharda junction. Upon receiving the news, a team from the Technology Department of the Indian Railways reached the spot. Exactly what caused this incident is being investigated.

According to the source, 3 wheels of the front engine and 1 wheel of the rear engine of the two-engine train derailed and went out of line. This disaster happened because of him. However, no casualties have been reported so far in the incident. The two locomotives were lined up after the railway authorities reached there.

Meanwhile, the railway authorities had decided to start the Digha Puri train before Pujo during the festival season. Accordingly, Ranchi Shatabdi Express has been launched from 15th October. The Digha Puri-bound train and the Special Steel Express have also been launched from October 16. Howrah-Ernakulam Via Kathpati Express and Ranchihatiya Special have been launched from Howrah every Saturday from October 16. Even the Howrah-Yashwantpur Weekly Express has started running from the 19th. However, since the ban on entry to Pandel, the booking of this Digha Puri train has increased a lot.