Pulis, Tumul Viral video, congratulated on birthday by singing together


BanglaHunt Desk: Deadly coronary virus has spread widely in the world. One country after another is going to this terrible virus. The World Health Organization or the World Health Organization has just declared the pandemic. China, Italy, Iran crossed India and did not kill. And the central and state governments built tightly to avoid its horrors.
The lockdown was announced in India in the first round till April 7. Then it was increased to 2nd May. In this situation, all are detained. Open is just an emergency service. Police, doctors, health workers are leading the war in Corona. People from all over the world have seen many incidents in this situation. Police have routinely tightened their hands to allow the lockdown. All have seen their human faces again.

A video has recently gone viral on social media. Police have been seen singing birthday songs together. However, this video is not from the United States. In the country, a father informed the police that his son's birthday. But no one came in during the lockdown. Normally the boy is upset. So the policemen took initiative to put a smile on his face.
As seen in the video, a police car came in front of the boy's house along the line. Then they all sang together and sang 'Happy Birthday to You'. Birthday wishes. Then the car row goes the same way again. The smile on the face of the boy receiving such fancy greetings.

This video is now traditionally viral on social media. Actor Ritesh Deshmukh also shared this video on his social media handle. Netizens are also praising the humanity of the police.

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