Putin will resign from the presidency! The Russian emperor is suffering from a complex disease

Russia's President Vladimir Putin may step down next year, according to rumors circulating in the international arena. In other words, it has been heard that Vladimir Putin is going to resign from the presidency in January 2021.

The issue of Putin's resignation has come to the fore in recent footage. The footage shows Putin weakening. His eyes were not fixed. The footage shows Russian President Putin shaking his hand as he grabs a cup. Which was probably a cup of medicine.

Putin is suffering from a complex disease

According to sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for several days. At present his disease is continuously increasing. That's why Putin's 8-year-old girlfriend and 36-year-old former gymnast Alina Kabeva is currently advising him to step down because of his physical illness.

You can leave the post of President

Vladimir Putin's resignation comes at a time when he has no rivals. Last week, Putin received a proposal that, if passed, would not shake him from the presidency for life. But at that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to decide to resign due to physical illness.

Effects of Parkinson's disease

The connecting cells in the brain of people with Parkinson's disease slowly break down. As a result, the brain is not able to receive all the messages. This disease causes tremors in the human body, difficulty in walking, imbalance. Although at first a slight problem occurs, later it becomes serious.