Quarantine sent to Max Hospital Hospital for contact with two coronary patients


Bangla Hunt Desk: Quarantine has been sent to Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi. It should be noted that those employees came in contact with two coronas-positive patients. The quarantine staff included hospital doctors, nurses and other staff. Doctors suspected of spreading the infection due to contact with two coronary-infected patients were admitted to the hospital for treatment of heart disease.

At first, there was no case of them being coronary-positive, but later they had symptoms of coronary disease. All the staff who came in about them have started to experiment. All staff sent to Quarantine will be tested by the coroner. However, a statement from Max Hospital has been issued. At that age it was said that a total of 4 staff would be sent to the quarantine hospital, while the rest were told to remain in the quarantine house.

A total of 9,8 people have been infected with this deadly virus throughout India. Out of these, 3 thousand 5 cases are active. Also, the total death toll has risen to 42 in India. And one thousand 3 have returned home. The whole world, including India, has come to the fore to fight this epidemic. But so far no country in the world has been able to discover this deadly virus.

The number of people infected with this deadly virus is increasing daily in the whole world. Italy has the highest death toll in the US due to the death toll. On the other hand, the first batch of Indian drugs hydroxychloroquine sought by the US president has reached the US.

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