‘Queen’ shared a picture of her brother's mehndi ceremony with her backless bodice, deep cleavage and extreme enchanting Kangana.

BanglaHunt Desk: She is the 'Queen' in the world of acting. It can be said that he has created a different brand in Bollywood. That's right, I'm talking about Queen Kangana Ranaut. There is nothing new to say about his acting talent. Kangana has shown her acting skills in one film after another like Queen, Manikarnika, Tanu Wades Manu, Judgmental Hai Keya.

However, Kangana was not seen much in Bold Look even though she did a lot of photoshoots besides acting. He is more comfortable in local or formal attire. However, he has left his 'comfort zone' many times. The actress has caught the bold look several times.

Kangana's house has been buzzing for the past few days. A few days ago, the actress shared a photo and video of the yellow ceremony on her brother Akshat. He was seen smearing yellow on his brother with his own hands.

This time Kangana shared a glimpse of Akshat's Mehndi program with the fans. He also shared the look of how he dressed himself in his brother's mehndi on social media. Kangana is dressed in an off-white lehenga. With matching jewelry. The actress is looking extremely glamorous in her open bodice.

Kangana also shared a picture of her brother and brother's wife. He gave another message by sharing the video of Mehndi ceremony. Journalist Arnab Goswami has been granted interim bail. Kangana also commented that the joy has increased with this good news.

Earlier, Kangana and Rangoli shared videos and pictures of brother Akshat's congratulations or yellow on his face. Kangana's brother Akshat got engaged in November last year. It is known that his future wife is a doctor by profession.