Question paper before independence went viral, elders will be left sweating to solve it!


आजादी से पहले का प्रश्न पत्र हुआ वायरल, हल करने में बड़े-बड़ों के छूट जाएंगे पसीने!

5th class question paper was like this in 1943

Viral Story: The era before independence was different. Then people did not pay as much attention to the education of children as they do now. At that time, the children who had the urge to study or the parents who had the dream of making their children something by educating them, used to pay attention to education. However, in those days, there were not so many facilities as children get in today’s schools. Now, along with schools, children also study tuition and whatever doubts they have, they can google or smart classes easily solved with the help of social media But nowadays a pre-independence question paper It is going viral, on seeing which people have lost their sweat, it is a far-fetched thing to solve it.

Actually, this question paper is of fifth class, which was given to the students to solve during the half-yearly examination. This question paper is of commerce. In this, such questions have been asked, in solving which even college passout students from commerce will break sweat. It is being told that this question paper is from 1943-44. You can see that a total of 10 questions have been asked in the paper, out of which at least 8 questions have been asked to be solved and a total time of two and a half hours has been given for this. These are such questions, which today’s class 5th students would hardly be able to solve.

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See how was the question paper of class 5 in 1943

In this, questions have been asked from the price of gold to the price of flour. One such question has also been asked in this that how much flour will be spent in Ram’s house in 2 years, 3 months, 18 days? Apart from this, students have also been asked to write a business letter, in which the market price must come.

Retired IAS officer Badri Lal Swarnkar has shared this 80-year-old question paper on his Twitter handle and wrote in the caption, ‘Look at the level of Class V question papers in the half-yearly examination to be held in India in 1943-44. The metric system has made the system so easy!’.

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