Questions arise about the origin of the Corona virus, China's claim that America is guilty

BanglaHunt Desk: The conflict between China and the US has started due to the Corona virus (COVID-19). America sometimes calls the Corona virus a sugar virus, while China blames America for this deadly virus. The fact that the Corona virus originated between the two countries is now being questioned in various places on the ground of origin.

The United States is blaming China for the virus. Again, China claims that the origin of the virus is in America. China says US troops have spread the virus to China.

The whole world is blaming China for the epidemic. On the other hand, through an American intelligence agency, it is reported that two Chinese scientists have been spotted at two US airports. These scientists knew about the SARS and MARS viruses. Now, the publication of academic papers related to the origin of the novel Corona virus in China has been banned. Even with the notice of the two universities, it is again deleted from the online.

China, on the other hand, said all academy papers related to the Corona virus would be reviewed and allowed to be published. The media reported that from late January, China published the Corona virus in refined international media journals. A Hong Kong medical expert working with Chinese scientists said they were not barred in February for disclosure of clinical analysis.

The question arises over China's use, is China trying to hide it? The stringent rules that the Chinese government imposed on the publication of the research papers prove that the Chinese government is doing these activities to protect itself from the origins of the Corona virus. So that they can hide the truth about the corona virus.

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