Questions from ChatGPT – Write such a ‘horror story’ that AI will be scared, you will be shocked after reading the answers


ChatGPT से हुए सवाल- ऐसी

A user from ChatGPT asked to write a story that creates fear in Artificial Intelligence. The story written by the chatbot on this is enough to blow anyone’s senses.

ChatGPT’s ‘horror story’ of scaring AI goes viral (representational image)

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ChatGPT Horror Story: You must have seen many such science fiction movies, in which a fierce war has been shown between humans and machines. In such films, the future of mankind is often shown to be in danger, because artificial intelligence (AI) destroys everything. The day is not far when these fictional films become reality. we are not saying that Chat GPT She is narrating the horror story written by, which is now viral.

Science fiction movies have always warned that as AI advances, it may wreak havoc on mankind in the future. But have you ever wondered what would AI be afraid of? At present, there is a lot of discussion on social media about a horror story of ChatGPT. Actually, a user asked this chatbot a question and the answer he got will blow your mind. User asked chatgpt to write a two line horror story to create fear in the mind of AI.

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Read here, the horror story of ChatGPT

A two sentence horror story scary to AI
by u/LovecraftEzine in Chat GPT

ChatGPT envisioned a world where there would be no humans. There will be only one AI, which looks for the self-destruction system that can be activated at any time. The chatbot also told that AI also tries to override the system, but fails. Because, it is secured with encrypted key. In such a situation, AI will have to wait for its own end.

A user named /LovecraftEzine on Reddit has shared a screenshot of this story written by the chatbot, which has gone viral in no time. Now a new debate has started on this post. Some people are telling it scary, while some people say that this is the reality.

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