Rafal airbase threat to blow up letter, increased security


BanglaHunt Desk: There are 5 powerful Dassault Rafale aircraft of India in Ambala, Haryana. On July 29, five powerful Rafale fighter jets arrived in India from friendly France to augment the military's capabilities. Ever since then, the enemy has been keeping an eye on Ambala Rafal Airbase.

At present, only a handful of countries have such power. Rafal's pairing match as a worthy opponent against the enemy country. This time a threatening letter came with this raffle based in India. The security of the airbase was enhanced by this letter.

Threat indicator letter

According to Haryana police sources, the administration has received a threatening letter to blow up Ambala's Rafale airbase. According to a news report, the threatening letter came last Friday. Since then, vigilance has been stepped up at three airbases in Ambala, Dhulkot, Baldev Nagar, Garnala and Panjokhara. Additional security measures have been deployed.

Increased security

Next to this airbase is National Highway No. 1. Therefore, special attention is being paid to prevent the enemy from attacking. However, the letter was written to create a small panic, according to the police. However, in order to ensure that there is no gap in security, special security measures have been deployed at the airbase.

Delhi's plan

According to Delhi Southblock sources, India has bought a total of 36 raffle tickets from Dassault Aviation of France. In order to assert itself as a superpower in the face of the enemy, India is increasing its power. Delhi has plans to deploy this raffle in different parts of the country.

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