Rahul Gandhi eating after the mask? The video is viral on social media

Bangla Hunt Desk: Almost every day, one or the other statement of Rahul Gandhi went viral on social media. In particular, some of his bizarre statements went viral on social media, and Rahul Gandhi was ridiculed by the BJP. Once again, a picture of Rahul Gandhi is going viral on social media. Where he was seen sitting at the dining table wearing a mask.

This picture of Rahul Gandhi is known as Tamil Nadu. A few days ago, he took part in the Pongal festival in Tamil Nadu, and also watched the historic Jalikattu game in Tamil Nadu. He then sat down to lunch with the general staff of the Congress. And the picture from there went viral on social media.

Many people have posted that picture of Rahul Gandhi on social media saying that how can a person eat food after wearing a mask? Many people are making various memes on social media with that picture. The picture shows Rahul Gandhi sitting at the dinner table talking to the women sitting next to him. It is also clear that his hand is glued. And with that, trolls have started appearing on social media.

However, this picture of Rahul Gandhi going viral on social media is half true. Because he was trying to talk to the women sitting next to him after eating. However, it is true that his hand was sticky. But he did not eat after the mask. It is not even possible to eat that way. The video that we got while verifying the authenticity of the picture that went viral on social media, I presented it to you.