Rahul Gandhi is giving push up with one hand! Netizens are shocked to see the viral video

Banglahant Desk: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s various funny videos have been seen on social media at various times. Due to which, on the one hand, it has become a source of laughter in the net world, on the other hand, it has also conveyed new topics of criticism to the opposition.

However, this time Congress leader Rahul Gandhi went viral on social media again for some other reason. This time it is not a controversial comment, nor an activity – this time he proved that the Congress leader is no less in physical exercise. From two-handed push-ups to one-handed push-ups, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is no less.

Rahul Gandhi was a guest at a function at St. Joseph’s School in Munagumur, Tamil Nadu on Monday. While talking to the students, Rahul Gandhi shared his knowledge about Japanese martial art Aikido with them. The Congress leader was seen talking to them, answering their questions and dancing.

Then one of the students there requested Rahul Gandhi to push up. The ‘fitness freak’ Congress MP agreed without any hesitation. After giving 15 push-ups in just a few seconds, Rahul Gandhi showed himself by throwing the challenge of giving push-ups to the student with one hand. As soon as the Congress leader shared the video from his Instagram profile, it went viral on social media.