Rahul Gandhi kills Donald Trump over “friendship can never change”


Bangla Hunt Desk: The coronavirus from China has slowly consumed the whole world. The whole world has been virtually overwhelmed by the corona virus. The death toll from the corona virus has spread to thousands around the world. The disease has spread to India as well as other countries. Already in India, many people have died due to the coronary virus.

The central government and the state government have not compromised on preventing the transmission of the Corona virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a lock-down across India from March 25 to avoid the transmission.

The Center has suspended the export of hydroxychloroquine overseas at a time when the number of coronary attacks is increasing in India. Immediately afterwards, US President Donald Trump urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the phone to stop India from exporting the drug to the United States during this sad time. The Prime Minister asked her to think deeply about this matter.

But then another tune can be heard on Donald Trump's throat. Recently, he threatened India that the US would retaliate if hydroxychloroquine was not sent to the US sufficiently.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took over US President Donald Trump soon after hearing this. Then criticizing the threat, Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter, “Friendship can never change. India will help foreign countries with medicines, but for those who are already in the quarantine country, it has to be available first. ”

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