Raiganj BJP MLA distributes 5,000 loaves of bread and vegetables free of cost


Banglahunt Desk: Due to the growing number of infections in the state, the state government has issued a lockdown till May 30. Everything from factories to Asif, schools, colleges are closed. Although exemptions are provided in some cases on an emergency basis, they are conditionally tied to a specific time limit.

Last year, we saw that the financial crisis in the lockdown was caused by many poor people in the society, who eat day by day. Due to the lockdown, their livelihood was cut off and they were suffering from financial crisis and food crisis. At that time, many voluntary organizations, starting from the government, stood by them. This time too he was no exception.

As soon as the state government announced the lockdown, a BJP MLA went into social work. Raiganj BJP MLA Shri Krishna Kalyani gave food to the people in financial crisis. Sri Krishna Kalyani started the distribution program by making 5,000 loaves of bread and vegetables with about 150 kg of flour every day. The BJP stood by the poor people of the society by putting food in their mouths.

In this regard, BJP MLA Shri Krishna Kalyani said, ‘I have taken this initiative to stand by the people in memory of my father Deendayal Kalyani in the Corona disaster. Starting today, this program will continue in different areas of Raiganj every day of the year. From 1 pm to 5 pm, you will get bread and vegetables from Annapurna Bhandar van for free.

The video of the scene was shared on social media and it went viral. At the same time, this viral video has touched the hearts of netizens.