Rail service may start from April 1, but it must arrive at the station 3 hours before the scheduled time.


BanglaHunt Desk: There is currently a lockdown situation in India for dealing with Corona (COVID-19) situation. The lockdown will continue until April 7. But after the completion of this lockdown service, the railway authorities have issued a directive on how the rail service will operate. The Indian Rail Service is likely to resume from April 7. However, there are several rules in place for this new service.

According to the new protocol, any passenger who wants to take the rail service, ie those who board the train, must reach the train station four hours before the scheduled time. This is because, to prevent the transmission of the corona virus, thermal screening of all passengers will be done before entering the railway station. Only those who pass the thermal screening will be allowed to enter the railway station. Besides, if a person has fever, cough and cold symptoms in his body, he will not be given train service.

Railway official said, “Passengers will be allowed to travel in reserved non-AC sleeping classes from April 7. These trains will all have reserved rooms, no reserved rooms. And there will be no AC room. Even passengers who want to take the train service will only be allowed to get to the train station. Platform tickets will not be sold at any station during this time. That is, no person can be allowed to enter the station without need. Even passengers who have tickets, will not be allowed to enter the train station. At this time, no citizens are allowed to enter the railway station.

All persons present at the train station must wear masks and gloves. Masks and gloves will also be provided at low cost for the passengers by rail. Northern Railway has decided to run 5 trains after the lockdown situation has been reserved for which 5 per cent of the seats were reserved.

People receiving this train service will have to submit their health information to the railway authorities about 12 hours before the journey. Again, if a person experiences cough, cold, fever etc. while traveling, the person will be immediately dropped off the train. All the doors of the train will be closed. So that no one can get on the train suddenly. Also, the stations at which the train stops will be informed beforehand. According to the government's directive, only 2 persons are being arranged to travel in a cabin while maintaining social distance. Everything is done carefully and in a safe manner.

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