Railways changed the rules of online ticket booking on special trains! This must be done


Bengali Hunt Desk: The rules for booking tickets for special trains run on lockdown by Indian Railways have been changed. Special train tickets like Rajdhani Express are being booked on IRCTC's website. Passengers who book tickets for special trains and other trains must first ensure that they know the quarantine protocol of the state they are going to. After that they will be able to book tickets.

Earlier this week, 140 passengers on a special capital train from Delhi to Bangalore had to be repatriated because they said they would not go to the 14-day quarantine. Indian Railways has decided to add this decision to its website.

Let me inform you that the railway has started operating 15 special trains from May 12. This special train has been arranged to take back the workers, pilgrims, students and tourists stranded in the lockdown.

When booking tickets for special trains, a pop-up screen will appear on the IRCTC's website, where passengers will need to make sure they have read and agree to the health bulletin of the state they are traveling to. Passengers need to click on the “OK” button before booking a ticket. This message will come in Hindi and English. Also, those passengers need to download the official contact tracing app Arogya Bridge.

Earlier, Jatridra had sought important information while booking the train. Passengers are required to provide information on where they are traveling by train to যেখানেRailMinIndia. This step is important for contact tracing. For the new rules to be implemented from May 13, IRCTC will have to provide the destination address information of the passengers in the online ticket booking form from May 13.