Rain of money from the tree! The crowd began to gather with great enthusiasm, the viral video at the speed of fire


viral video: Money is falling like rain from a tree, and people are collecting it with great enthusiasm. Recently, such a video has gone viral in Netpara. Suddenly a tree in Sitapur started reading notes. Crowds gather there to collect money from the trees. Some torn notes among the money read.

When he climbed the tree to find the source of the money, he saw a monkey tearing some money from a bag and throwing the rest away. The incident took place outside the Bikash Bhaban in Sitapur Kotwali area.

It is learned that an elderly person came here to register. He had four lakh rupees in his bag. A monkey suddenly snatched the bag and fell on the tree. He took out the bundle of notes, tore it with his teeth and threw it down. Seeing the rain of notes, people also started collecting them. Thousands of people gathered in a moment.

The monkey tore the note of about 10-12 thousand rupees. Some people tried to climb the tree to get the bag from the monkey. When the monkeys try to scare them, the monkeys start scaring them. After much effort the monkey left the bag.

The people then return the looted money to the elders. All the notes of the elders were found after the incident, but when they were counted, the notes of about Rs 13,000 were badly torn. Praveen said that there are 26 notes of Rs 500 in it. This issue is discussed outside the registry office of bKash Bhaban throughout the day.