Rajasthan government forgot humanity! Far from providing food and shelter, the shelter home is being forcibly evacuated


Bengali Hunt Desk: Outbreaks of coronavirus are on the rise across India, with lockdowns underway across the country to protect people from the corona virus. And because of this lockdown, day workers and migrant workers have been struck by lightning. This time there is a lack of rations for the people who earn and eat every day. And that's why the workers are walking home on the streets.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Colonial period. Their condition was already deplorable, and this time the situation has become dire. After working day and night, they would get double food in their stomachs. And this corona has broken the waists of all those workers.

The workers have left for their homes as work has stopped. Their only hope is that when they reach the village, someone will help them and they will not have to sleep on an empty stomach. But their dream is not so easy. The heat on the one hand and the strictures of the police on the other are creating big problems for these workers.

On the other hand, an inhuman image has emerged in this situation in Rajasthan. The shelters were opened for the workers by the district administration. They are being shut down now. Surprisingly, workers have taken refuge in many shelters, and are being evicted. And that's why the workers now aim to return home on foot. About half a dozen workers at the Khandebal Public Center in Shastri Nagar have been evicted. With no roof over their heads, they set off on foot.