Rajasthan's Bhilbara win against Corona


Bangla Hunt Desk: The district of Bhilwara (bhilwara) in Rajasthan became the hotspot for Coronavirus infection last month. From there it is now reported that 3 coronas have been cured. State officials said on Friday that four people were injured in the Covid-19 attack, 3 of them were discharged from the hospital.

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Officials said that Bhilbara became the most corona-affected area in the state after the death of 28 people in Kolkata and two people died. But there was no reported Covid-1 infection since March 1.

Additional Chief Secretary (Health) Rohit Kumar Singh told the media that it was possible to observe the lockdown and work together with the district administration. The administration imposed strict curfew on the entire district. More than 2 million people were surveyed, and we identify people with influenza-like symptoms.

Singh said the four recovering were treated with hydrochloroquine (HCQ), Tamiflu and HIV. Rajendra Bhatt, the district's ruler of Bhilbara, said that the three were treated. Five of them were found to have a Covid-1 test negative. And they have also been discharged from the hospital. However, they were told to stay in the quarantine house.

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