Rajesh Khattar, Shahid Kapoor's stepfather, is the father again after 50


Actor Rajesh Khattar (rajesh khattar) got a taste of fatherhood again. Ishan Khattar's father is the father of Bollywood's Young Brigade. About He is the honest father of Shahid Kapoor. Although the second child was born about a year ago, Rajesh has recently revealed his son.

Rajesh unveiled a picture of his second child with his second wife Bandana Sajnani on the occasion of his 12th marriage anniversary. The second child is named Banraj. The film shows the actor taking a selfie with his son on his lap, or mother Vandana painting an affectionate kiss on the child's head.
In the caption, Rajesh writes, ‘This is the first time I see everyone. Dad says the whole world is going through a difficult situation. But this bad time will also pass and a more beautiful world for children will be created. 'The pictures went viral as soon as they were released. Fans also filled the Khattar family with greetings and love.

How difficult was it to be a father again after fifty? In this context, the actor said, the matter is quite complicated. But in the end their will prevails. In the words of his wife Bandana, “I have been trying for a long time to become a mother. After three miscarriages, three IUT failures and three IVFs, today is a success. ”

Incidentally, Shahid Kapoor's mother Nilima Azim married Rajesh Khattar after his divorce from Shahid Kapoor's father. Ishan was born. Then in 2001 they were separated. In 2008, small screen actor Rajesh Khattar tied the knot with Bandana again.