Rajiv Shukla said IPL would be impossible to start from April 7.


Indian Premier League chairman Rajiv Shukla has said it is impossible for the Corona virus to be OEPL from April 15, given the state of affairs at the moment.

The entire country lockdown has been announced till April 15 for the rate at which the Corona virus is spreading across India, along with the rest of the world. In such a situation, the question was whether it was possible to start the IPL after April 15, and Rajiv Shukla, chairman of the IPL, said that it is not possible to start the IPL on April 15. At a press conference, Rajiv Shukla had informed the BCCI that the BCCI had not made any preparations for starting the IPL. Now everyone in the country should fight against the Corona virus.

Also Rajiv Shukla said before the life of the people, at this moment we should save the life of the people then cricket will be after. In addition, Rajiv Shukla said the Indian government has announced lockdown till April 15, and it is also heard that the lockdown may be extended. So it is not possible to start the IPL on April 15 in any of these situations. We are now looking at the IPL after the government has made a clear decision on the government's decision.

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