‘Raj’putra eats first rice in yellow Punjabi in five months, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: One after another celebration is in the family of Shubhshree Ganguly and Raj Chakraborty. The director’s birthday has just passed yesterday. This time, everyone was overjoyed at the rice ceremony of Yuvan, the jewel in the eye of ‘Rajshree’. Today, on Monday, Yuvan’s meal was organized at Raj Shubhshree’s house in Halishahar.

Raj and Shubhshree are celebrating the day with their family home in Halishahar. Yesterday we saw Raj’s birthday and then Yuvan’s meal, their house in Halishahar is getting ready for two events. The whole house is covered with flower garlands. Shubhshree shared that glimpse on his Insta handle.

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Raj shared a bunch of pictures with Yuvan on his shoulder. He wished good luck, love and blessings to all at his son’s meal. Little Evan is seen giggling on his father’s shoulder. Besides, some pictures of Annaprashan have also gone viral on behalf of Shubhshree’s fan page.

Shubhshree dressed in a green sari yellow blouse and jewelery. Raj is wearing green Punjabi. Matching with her mother, little Yuvan dressed in yellow Punjabi and white pajamas. He was also seen sitting on his grandfather’s lap and posing for the camera. Images are now in the viral net world.

Yesterday, Shubhshree was seen teaching Yuvan to say ‘Happy Birthday’ while taking him in his arms. On the other hand, Yuvan is in a sleepy state. He is also enjoying eating this swing. At the end of the day, the actress sent the boy to sleep on Raj’s lap.

Raj himself shared this sweet video. Besides, a video of entertaining guests has gone viral on behalf of Shubhshree’s fanpage. A complete Bengali meal was organized on the occasion of Raj’s birthday. Shubhshree dressed in purple chiffon sari and white sleeveless blouse. Yuvan also wore short white pajamas Punjabi.