Rakhi Sawant's husband Ritesh opened his mouth about planning to have a child next year


BanglaHunt Desk: She is known in Bollywood as 'Drama Queen'. Everything you do is a little 'hot'. It is said that Rakhi sawant. He likes to express his opinion on all issues. Rakhi is currently competing in Bigg Boss 14.

Earlier, Rakhi had said that she was married. But her husband is very shy and still refuses to come in front of the camera. But Rakhi wants her husband to come to Bigg Boss's house and see her. Ritesh also answered his wife's words. He said he was ready to come to the house of the big boss and admit their relationship.

In a recent interview, Ritesh said that they are planning to have a child next year. He said they could not meet this year because of Corona. But they have plans to have children next year. Ritesh added, “I want Bigg Boss to win 14. He has the power to win. ”

Rakhi recently got into an argument with Nikki Tamboli, another contestant of Bigg Boss. Nikki remarked, “Rakhi has lost her dignity.” “I can file a defamation suit against Nikki if I want to,” Ritesh said. But since it's a game show I'm not doing anything. But Nikki should not have said that to a woman who is unique. ”

Incidentally, a few days ago, Rakhi suddenly announced that she was going to tie the knot with an NRI couple. She also said that her husband prefers to stay behind the camera so it is not possible to introduce netizens to her.

From time to time, Rakhi Sawant shares various pictures on social media to give 'proof' of married life. She also shared a video of making carrot pudding for her fourth husband, starting from Madhuchandrima's picture. Although some pictures of the wedding have been made public, I have not yet shown my husband's face.