Ram Yadav, known as the father of trees, has created a jungle alone by planting 40,000 trees


Banglahunt desk: nature lover! Who will live only for the tree. Meet illiterate brother Ram Yadav, who has planted a forest with 40,000 trees alone. He vowed in the 21st that he would live only for the trees. It's been 11 years. He has planted 40,000 trees, which is why he is also known as the father of 40,000 sons.

He was born into a poor family. So he was deprived of primary education. People may call him an illiterate man but he has done such a great job that he is highly respected. He has become a true hero to millions of people. He started his journey in 2006 by planting only 40 trees in the first phase. From then on, he never looked back and planted more trees. Today, 11 years later, those 40 trees have been transformed into 49,000 trees. This has been possible only because of his tireless efforts. He also said, “If I get some government support and regular water supply, I want to increase the number of trees in that range. These are my life and I want to take care of them till I die ”This is truly a great achievement for him.

It is said that about 5% or one-third of the land should be covered by forests because the forest helps to preserve the natural environment. Today, when there is a huge tree crisis in the country, this brother Ram Yadav himself has made history by planting 40,000 trees.

After the death of his wife and children, he started a tree planting campaign on fallow land near Bharatpur village in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh. However, he has gone through many problems. He had no official support and no source of water, so he used to bring water from a nearby village with two ropes in a box of 20 kg. But he never gave up and after spending 5 years of his life, he brought the forest to fruition. He said, “My father wanted me to plant five Mahua trees before I died. He taught me to plant and nurture trees, although he could not afford to send me to school. I wanted to follow his advice but could not use my land for this because I feared that a descendant would cut down the tree. “

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