Ramdev fell while riding a bicycle; Laughter rolls on Netdunia after watching viral videos


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has repeatedly gone viral on Netdunia. Sometimes a video of his yoga or ever or coronel; Baba Ramdev's name comes back again and again in the news media and in the practice of the people. Mim is also scattered in Netpara with him. Once again, Baba Ramdev is practicing hard in Netpara.

This time it is no longer a coronal or controversial comment, this time he went viral in the net neighborhood doing stunts. The viral video shows Baba Ramdev cycling on a rain-soaked road. More or less everyone who rides a bicycle knows how dangerous cycling is on rain-soaked concrete roads. But the yoga guru, who is overly dependent on his own balance and fitness, was cycling in spite of that fear, again in an all-India media live.

The yoga guru was riding the bicycle quite smoothly. But his fortune was bad, he slipped and fell while trying to turn the bike live. He is still seen live. Although everyone has been deprived of that scene for being a bit hidden.

The scene of this fall on the bike went viral as soon as it became public. The net crowd became joking. Some of them claim that the video should be shown from another side. Someone's funny comment is that he was probably doing a seat.

Incidentally, a few days ago, this yoga guru came up in the news practice by commenting that his coronal corona can heal. However, he changed his mind 180 degrees after the court's verdict.

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