Ranbir, Rajinikanth, Prasenjitra, Baparata appeared in search of Amitabh's glasses, ignoring the lockdown?


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown situation is going on all over the country till April 7. All are under house arrest. The stars are no exception. But in the meantime there is a danger. Amitabh Bachchan has been lost. In no way does he find it. So the other stars have to come down the field. Diljit Dosanjh from Ranbir Kapoor, and even Thalaiva 'Rajinikanth' appeared to find glasses. Prasenjit also met.
In their native tongue, they are having conversations with each other and looking for the Big Bir glasses. It was finally found near Aliya Bhat. Priyanka Chopra saw Amanda handing her glasses over to Amitabh. No, they did not disregard the lockdown rules. Everyone played for this video from their own home. And that is what the Big Bear came up with.

In fact, every square kilometer of north to south, east to west of this country changes in language and culture. All of them, the country, India. And everyone in this country is a member of the same family. That short message is to be made to convey that message. At the same time, Amitabh urged all of them to stay in the house following lockdown rules.

Not only that, there is one more purpose behind this video. Daily wage workers, closing their jobs at this lockdown. As a result, they are in serious crisis. The stars have come forward to assist these workers. This time, Amitabh appealed to the rest of the people through this video.

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