Ranima on a vacation in the mountains, Ditipriya took the storm in Netpara in a new selfie


BanglaHunt Desk: Ditipriya Roy has been in the world of Bengali acting for a long time. However, many will not recognize this name. Because Ditipriya is better known and popular by the name of her character in the serial than by her own name.

Besides shooting, Ditipriya is studying all at the same pace. However, falling between these two has become quite lazy for him. So this time Ditipriya has already cut the ticket. The mountain is his favorite. So this time he went to walk in the mountains, again with his family.

And from there Ditipriya shared a selfie. Light pink lipstick with white jacket is a liability to remove eyes from Ditipriya. He shared the photo and wrote that he was able to take a good selfie with great difficulty.

Earlier, the actress had told Sangbad Madhyam that she is going to tour again after a long two and a half years. He will visit Darjeeling, Ichchegaon and Tagda. After spending a total of four days in the mountains, Ditipriya will join the shooting on December 29. Rani Rasmoni's shooting is there. Ditipriya's film 'Aviyatrik' is also awaiting release.

Ditipriya has surprised everyone by playing the role of Rasmani in the popular serial 'Karunamayi Rani Rasmoni' of Zee Bangla. Rasmoni's entire adolescence, starting from adolescence, has been handled by him alone.

Before becoming Rani Rasamoni, that rural teenage girl, then Rasamoni, the wife of Babu Rajchandra Das with a piece of vermilion jewelry in Sindhi, and now the experienced Rani Rasamoni with the veil on her white sari head, Ditipriya has won the hearts of all the fans. That is why he is still managing the character of Rasmoni.

Besides Rani Rasmoni, Ditipriya has also acted in a few movies. Among them, the notable Srijit Mukherjee's Rajkahini. His performance has been praised in the same way there.