Ranu in playback singing again, will sing in these two films


BanglaHunt Desk: Many memorable events have happened in 2017. But not without putting one's name on that list. He is Ranu Mondal. Towards the end of last year, he was left alone on social media. Everyone's eyes were filled with tears when they saw the change in his incredible destiny.

Even then, Ranu made headlines a few times. It was heard that his financial condition had become very bad. Not only in the lockdown, even after the lockdown, Ranu did not get a chance to sing in any other program. But this time a different kind of news was heard.

It is learned that Ranu has been heard singing playback once again. Ranu Mandal got the opportunity to sing during the shooting of singer Rupankar Bagchi's digital concert at Ganghar Studio in Narendrapur last Thursday. He sang some songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. Rupankar also gave him enough courage.

It was learned a few days ago that Ranu is going to sing in director Dhiraj Mishra's films 'Sitamagar' and 'Sarojini'. Sarojini will be based on the story of India's war of independence. Ranu will playback in these two films. He himself said this in a video message. Ranu was the first to post the viral video on social media.

Incidentally, Ranur's condition has recently deteriorated. He is struggling to get food every day. He has to eat half-eaten. According to media reports, he went to perform a song in Kerala before the lockdown started. Ranu Mandal spent five days in a row or starvation.

According to some netizens, this was bound to happen. Suddenly Ranur became a star overnight and got dazzled in his eyes. He has been seen abusing fans several times. That is why many think that the fans have turned away from Ranu.