Ranu Mandal's sister lives in Bangladesh! Video of tumultuous viral songs


viral video: Ranu Mandal, Ranaghat railway station, this beggar's song video went viral a year ago. After Latakanthi Ranu's video went viral, he didn't have to look back. Overnight celebrity Ranu Mandal set foot in Bollywood to the tune of Himesh Reshammiya. This time the video of such a singer from Bangladesh has gone viral on social media. Netizens have dubbed Ranu as her sister.

The name of the woman in the viral video is Mamtaz Begum. She has a lot in common with Ranu in her costumes. He was seen singing in a street of Dhaka city. The crowd gathered there to hear his song. One of the viewers posted a video of the song on social media and it went viral.

However, Mumtaz does not sing like Ranu. He had to choose this profession as he was forced to run his stomach. He has lost all means of earning in lockdown and is singing on the way. He has no traditional music training. He picked up the song as soon as he heard it.

Many people in the net world have liked his songs. However, many people are angry with him compared to Ranu. According to them, he has been compared to Ranu to get cheap popularity in the net world. However, the woman has benefited in the end. Every afternoon many people come to listen to his songs. No matter how dissonant, the people of Dhaka are happy to help him.