Rape is a daily occurrence in religious places in Bangladesh! Cannon writer Taslima Nasrin reveals the information


Bangla Hunt Desk:Famous Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin, who has been deported from Bangladesh and West Bengal, has this time complained of daily rape at religious places in Bangladesh.

Taslima has been vocal about the incident from her social media account. He shared an article on his Twitter account and wrote, ‘Every day in Bangladesh, imams and madrasa teachers continue to commit heinous crimes like rape. Rape in the name of God. According to the rapist teacher of the madrasa, the rapist imam of the mosque, if they pray five times, all their faults will be washed away. Because God will forgive. ”

Let me tell you, Taslima Nasrin is always vocal about the iniquity in the name of religion. And for this reason, the extremists issued fatwas against him and threatened to kill him. And that is why he was deported from Bangladesh and is now living in India.