Rape is punishable by death, the Bangladesh government brought strict laws

Like India, the incidence of rape is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. A few days ago, the whole of Bangladesh was stunned by the incident of gang rape of a wife in front of her husband. This time the Bangladesh government is going to take strict steps to stop rape.

The government of Bangladesh is bringing the provision of death penalty as the maximum punishment for rape. The decision has already been approved at a cabinet meeting, said Anisul Haque, the country's law minister.

It is learned that the Women and Child Abuse Suppression Act has been given final approval. From now on, the death penalty can be implemented as the maximum punishment for rape. Until now, only rape and murder could be carried out in that country.

In the last few months, Bangladesh is in turmoil due to one rape after another. The United Nations has also warned the country's government. Politics has erupted in the yoga fair of the student organization following the ruling party in the rape. Processions, demonstrations, human bonds are going on every day. This time, the Hasina government gave the message that the government was active enough to stop the rape by bringing the death penalty.

Incidentally, since Parliament is not sitting, it will be implemented tomorrow (Tuesday) by issuing a Presidential Ordinance.