Rape of a young woman for ten days in a row for not agreeing to marry instead of religion!


Bangla Hunt Desk: On the one hand, while the BJP-ruled states are preparing to bring strict laws against profit jihad, on the other hand, the tragic consequences of profit jihad in Orissa are for a young woman. The young woman was offered marriage instead of religion and was threatened with abduction if she did not agree. Not agreeing, a young man picked up the girl and raped her for more than ten days. The people of the entire state are outraged by this incident. Finally, the accused Muslim youth, 24 years old, was arrested by the police.

Police rescued the 21-year-old girl on Thursday. The young woman was missing for 12 years. He was allegedly abducted while on his way to college. Police said medical tests found evidence of rape several times. Statements of torture have been recorded today. The accused has been sent to custody. Police have also arrested the father of the accused youth. The accused's father has been accused of constantly threatening the victim's family.

It is learned that the girl was abducted on December 5 while going to college. Searching around, no trace of him was found. A complaint was lodged with the police against a Muslim youth. Police said the young man harassed her every day and threatened to marry her if she changed her religion. As he did not agree to the proposal, the young man abducted her and raped her for ten days in a row.