Rare species of colorful ducks found in India, netizens fascinated by viral videos


BanglaHunt Desk: With the help of social media, people can watch various types of viral videos while sitting at home. There are so many wonderful things happening in this world. Sometimes it is for the entertainment of the people, sometimes it makes the people emotional.

Recently, a strange kind of duck video has gone viral on social media. Netizens seem to be enchanted by what they see. Shared on Netdunia. A rare species of duck, last seen a century ago, in 1902. See again at Maguri Motapung Bill in Tinsukia district of Assam.

This beautiful rare species of mandarin duck (mandarin duck) was once spotted in a pond in Central Park, New York City in 2016. This duck has orange wings all over its body. This duck is considered to be the most beautiful duck in the world.

This beautiful colorful duck was first identified in 1857 by Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist Carl Linnaeus. Once you see it, you can’t take your eyes off this duck. However, it is very difficult to say when and where this duck will appear.

The video of this duck has been shared on social media by a social media user named ‘Noni Naga’. Binda Hatibarua, a bird guide from Tinsukia, said after learning about the bird, “When Madhav told me to come and see the bird, I did not believe him. Later, when I saw myself, I was overwhelmed with joy and hugged Madhav ‘.